(Picture) Well Isn't That a Pickle?

Here’s an email that’s a “have you ever experienced anything like this”?!?!

I went to Walmart the other week to get some pickles. I’m not a fan of pickles so normally I don’t buy them, but I was making some pickle roll ups, and my husband was out of town leaving me to make the purchase. I stood there debating which brand, what size, etc....you know the basics. I finally settled on Vlasic Dill Spears. When I got home and was ready to make my roll ups, I happened to pick up the bottle and started looking at them....that’s when I noticed it.....A BITE TAKEN OUT OF A PICKLE!!!!! So clear, the teeth marks of the pickle eating bandit displayed in front of my eye. I wondered....how did I miss this????? Completely disgusted and so not making the pickle roll ups, I had to be sure the bottle was still sealed......yup sure was!!!! So, somewhere in the factory is someone thinking....this is a good bit...let’s take a bite out of this pickle and seal it up. 

Frustrated, I wrote to the company stating how I was disgusted and dissatisfied and I probably wouldn’t be purchasing their pickles again - sent photos & video proof of my claim and waited to hear back. About a week later I receive a letter from them, “Sorry to hear about your issue with our product. We ensure that we are looking into this matter” along with two $1.00 coupons (that can not be combined). WTF......coupons, you sent me coupons?!?!!? You know, at least give me my money back since I don’t want to buy your stupid pickles anymore. 

Have you guys ever experienced anything like this before????

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