How Not to Be a Coronavirus A**hole

If you were to see the woman in this picture rolling out of Cub, you'd be pissed, right? I mean come on, not only way more than a fair share of toilet paper, but some bottled water on there too? So not only hoarding, but also hoarding the stuff that we really don't even need that much! (People in other countries are watching us hoard toilet paper and laughing at us)

Would you say anything to her? Take her picture and shame her on Instagram? I'd be tempted too. But wait. What if she's buying for a nursing home? Or maybe some old people around her neighborhood? No matter what, saying something to her isn't going to do any good.

But I'd still take odds this person is really just being an asshole.

There are plenty of other ways to avoid being a Coronavirus a**hole. Like being careful around kids and being nice to health care workers.

Check out this great article from here.


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