Dave's Social Distancing Weekend in Five Pictures: Dullest Pictures Ever

This weekend was kind of surreal for all of us. We're all a little uneasy and wondering what we should be doing. I was surprised Friday night to see the bars and restaurants in Victoria absolutely packed. Now, Sunday afternoon, I just heard that Ohio and Illinois have closed all bars and restaurants until March 30. Kind of a quick turn of events that might be something we see here soon.

I mostly stayed home this weekend. Other than getting some ribs to smoke and getting a haircut, I didn't do much, and I'm good with that. Some of my friends are more like "Screw it. I'm gonna live my life." I hope they don't regret that behavior.

I've said it on my podcast: In one year, I'd rather look back at what we're doing right now and laugh at how cautious we were, than to look back and wish like hell we'd taken it more seriously. You can hear my podcast about the Corona Virus here.

I hope you were safe and smart. And I appreciate you looking at my weekend in five photos.

I signed up for the Earth Day Half-Marathon in St. Cloud at the end of April so it's time to start training. I've seriously felt so much stronger from working out regularly at Snap Fitness. I did ran 7 miles on Saturday and honestly, it was effortless. My secret is running at a much slower pace than I normally do.

Carson is home from college and Spring Break has turned into him being out all summer. Pretty much all high school and college kids are experiencing this same odd thing and not getting to enjoy the last few weeks of school. Can you imagine missing the last few weeks of your senior year?

Sunday it was warm enough to be outside so I broke out the smoker and made ribs. Smoking is so trial and error and I'm hoping they'll turn out cuz as of right now, they've got another hour to smoke.

You know it's a slow weekend when we take pictures of pets to fill up "My Weekend in Five Pictures!" Love these two though, especially my Josie!

And when you put a picture of yourself ironing online? Yeah, that's a really slow weekend. But here I am!

Thanks for looking at my pictures. Our job this week and in the weeks ahead will be to inform you and to entertain you. We're not sure what that will look like on a day-to-day basis but we'll be there every day if possible.

Wash your hands. Stay home. Don't hoard. Be smart. Be kind.

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