Josie's Haircut: Can You Spot the Moment It All Went Wrong?

Josie is my buddy. We've done so much together, camping, hiking, running, paddle boarding, napping, snuggling. I just love her.

And Sunday when I noticed how shaggy she was getting, I said, "I'm gonna give her a haircut! How hard can it be?"

So I got busy.

I'm not sure where, but somewhere during the process, I realized it was a lot harder than I expected it to be. The clipper guard wasn't doing what I thought it would, so I took it off and promptly shaved a few bald spots into her.

I think I did a respectable job on her face, but everywhere else was anywhere from "Questionable" to "Super-Sketchy."

But I love her no matter what! Hopefully she still loves me!

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