Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pics: My Phone Addiction and Prince Wallpaper

Friday was the National Day of Unplugging and I did a bit above average job avoiding the phone.This picture was taken of me on Thursday night but sent to me on Friday morning, it’s me asleep with the phone in my hand.(I think it’s proof that I’m way too attached and when did my arms get so freakin hairy?!?).

I started my weekend off with a fish fry! Daytona County Club does one every Friday from early January until sometime around Easter and when we got there the wait was already an hour but it was totally worth the wait.

My wife, Kristy works for a showroom at International Market Square and brought home what I thought was a picture of Prince, well it’s actually wallpaper!Even crazier, the wallpaper is made up of small individual beads, I’d say this image is 12 x 8 so it’s incredible to think of something like this on a wall.

Highlight of my weekend has to be Isaac’s indoor soccer game.Isaac played goalie during the first half and actually stopped a penalty kick and then during the second half scored his very first goal!

Weather was of course amazing this weekend and I spent a ridiculous amount of time picking up dog poop and I definitely realized that I waited way too long.(The picture is before I filled it and I'm not even done).

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