Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: Who Wasn't Outdoors??

Wow! What a beautiful weekend! For it to be this warm, this early in the year just isn't common in Minnesota. That's why everyone was outside this weekend with their kids, walking their dog, on their bike, with their partner, alone, whatever! I hope you were out too!

Let's get started with my weekend in five pictures!

Saturday morning I went to a ukulele club meeting at The Warming House at 40th and Bryant. It's open to anyone of all skill levels and it happens the first Saturday of every month.

Falen had told me about a place that serves tea. All kinds of tea, carbonated, hot, cold, etc. Since I was kind of in the neighborhood, I had to go by. They're called Jinx Tea and if you love tea like I do, you have to try it. They let you sample a few to help you decide and I finally went with Woke Punch, which was fruity and awesome and delicious.

Saturday, I slapped on my earbuds and went out to run 5 miles with my girl, Josie (not seen cuz she's on the ground, duh!) and it was so great. Just beautiful. So many people were out. That's Paisley Park Studios in the background.

I was watching Dateline on Saturday night at Josie was just staring at me like she expected to get a treat or a scratch or something. BTW, I gave her a haircut Sunday and it was a disaster. I'll post some pictures of that later this week!

Sunday was incredible out too, so I look in an app I have called "All Trails" for a great hike and found one at Lake Maria State Park near Monticello. Lots of hills and very beautiful. And I was really happy to see almost no dog poop or trash on the trail!

And the entire time I listened to KDWB's International Women's Day broadcast. The seven women we had on KDWB Sunday were just amazing and I loved hearing their stories of challenges they've overcome and the lessons they had to share with other women.

And that's it! Back to work/school and cooler weather this week, but that's okay! Spring is coming!

As always, thank YOU for looking at my blog!


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