Check Out All My Photos From Disney!

I'm back!

I'm back from a week in the Happiest Place on Earth, Walt Disney World! Check out my pictures -

The trip started on a difficult note. I think pretty much everyone heading to Disney World or Land right now is trying to get on Rise of the Resistance, the newest ride in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. It's so new that they're not allowing people to get in a normal line for it. Instead, you have to get to the park when it opens & try to join a virtual boarding group. The group go within 30 seconds to a minute.

We went to Hollywood Studios Wednesday morning to try and get a boarding group. It had barely turned 8AM when all the boarding groups & backup groups were gone. I was very sad.

Turns out there was a pretty big glitch that Wednesday, so a lot of the people in the park didn't get a group.

I went to drink the green milk instead.

The great news is that we went back Thursday morning & tried again & got on!

I took all these photos on the ride, it doesn't do it justice at all. It was incredible!!

On Friday, my friend & our old night girl, Raven came!!

We started at EPCOT.

The ONE margarita we had did not effect us at all... not one bit.

We tried to get on to Rise of the Resistance again with Raven & were successful! YAY!!!

We also tried Olga's Cantina for drinks.

Of course there was also more milk & popcorn!

We went to Magic Kingdom... parents were there too.

Raven had to head back to Dallas, it was sad.

I took some excellent ride photos, if I do say so myself.

I FINALLY broke 200,000 on Toy Story Mania.

And I think I bought the greatest t-shirt ever. The first time I ever visits WDW, I was 4 & they were celebrating their 25th anniversary. WDW is getting ready to celebrate 50 years, so they re-released some of the old merch.

Such a magical trip, but I'm so happy to be home!

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