Steve-O’s Weekend in five pics: A Top Five Wx Weekend

My weekend wasn’t anything outstanding.It was the usual mix of running around taking kids to events including Olivia who worked the cookie booth at Cub.

We did get lucky on Saturday and a few people offered to take Olivia and Isaac for a few hours so Kristy and I went to ‘Short and Tall’ then took the dogs to the park before it becomes a mud pit.

Another big highlight was going to one of the best Mexican restaurants in the Twin Cities, El Rodeo.Olivia dressed in my Cactus Brothers jacket.

While at the restaurant I did a Tiktok with our friend Kevin and Andee’s daughter, Ellie!(Check me out on Tiktok Steveokdwb)

My final picture is from Sunday morning in Maple Grove.You see that, it’s the sun early in the morning.

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