Preparing Your Home For A Corona Virus Outbreak

There's a movie cliche' that goes something like this:

A family is preparing for something like a nuclear war. While they build a shelter and stock up with food and water, their neighbors laugh at them. And when the bombs start to fall, the neighbors beg to be let into the shelter.

Or an even simpler example is the ants and the grasshopper. The story goes something like this: The ants are storing food away for the winter while the grasshopper is laughing at them, singing songs and living it up. But when winter hits, the grasshopper is cold and hungry while the ants are warm and safe and have plenty of food.

I don't think it's time to stock up for the Corona Virus outbreak, BUT I learned something in Boy Scouts. Carson had to earn a merit badge called "Emergency Preparedness." It has Scouts learn what to always keep in your house no matter what. Water, canned food, fuel for a fire, first aid kits, etc. And even a plan to get out of town if you ever needed to.

So it's probably not a bad idea to take a look at this article from NPR and see what you might want to always keep in your house, especially now.

Check it out here.

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