Is This A Good Thing? Twin Cities Tops the List for Millennial Home Buyers

I've lived the in the Twin Cities for almost 15 years and compared to where I'm from this place is booming and since I moved here people brag about Minnesota like it's a secret place that only people from Minnesota know about. Guess what, loose lips sink ships and the secret it out. The Twin Cities tops a list of the place to people are wanting to live that were born between 1981 - 1996. The study found that people are wanting to move here because of our strong economy, affordable housing and low unemployment rate.

An article in the NY Times says,

“As a hub for entrepreneurs, the city attracts huge numbers of young professionals looking to build the next great startup,” according to Sundae. “Career opportunities are also on the rise in the thriving biomedical, professional services and technology sectors.”
The average age of a millennial home buyer in Minneapolis is 30.4 years old and the number of mortgage requests coming from this generation is a whopping 56.2%. The per capita personal income is $62,889, while the 2019 median home sale price in the city is $284,000 —compared to an eye-watering $1,075,000 in Manhattan and $790,000 in Brooklyn.
It could be the draw of the five national sports teams based in Minneapolis or the lure of the outdoor lifestyle fostered by its lakes and parks, but,according to Smart Asset,almost 22,000 millennial-aged people moved there in 2018.

So if you're grumpy and hate the idea of living next door to a millennial (which if you're grumpy, chill out....get a life) then here's a link to Uhaul. BYE!

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