If You're Having Constipation Issues, Here Are Some Potential Solutions!

I talked on the show about my stomach issues yesterday and how I don't go to the bathroom regularly. I received lots of messages from listeners about solutions that have worked for them and wanted to share. They either sent links or pills/tablets/gummies they use daily.

One person sent this link saying that it helped figure out what foods were inflaming her GI tract / gut issue

Another person messaged saying this:

"I heard JLo talking about doing the 10-day no carb challenge. And she explained that carbs cause a lot of inflammation, etc. 

I did it and it helped me a LOT. For years, my stomach will hurt, I feel bloated and sometimes it feels like it's being stabbed. But in just that 10 days, I felt so much better. I love pasta but I barely eat it anymore and I really don't care much about bread. I'm Asian so it's kinda hard for me to get rid of rice, but thank God, rice is gluten-free. I'm self-diagnosing myself and I think I have some allergy to gluten. 

Anyways, since she's doing the process of elimination, try this one. Hard at first but it's only for 10 days."

And one more person sent me this girl's Instagram who goes by "The Gut Girl" that specializes in autoimmune issues and gut problems. Click here.

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