Jenny's President's Day Weekend in Five Pics

Kicked off the weekend with some Sebastian Joe's. One of my favorite local ice cream spots!

After doing dry January, it really calmed down my desire to go out on the weekends. But it's been a while since I've gone out with my girlfriends so we got together and hit the North Loop for a bit Saturday night.

I had plans all week to go to Afton on Sunday. Not really thinking, I did this tough leg workout Saturday that left my legs very stiff/sore. Two things that don't go together are stiff legs and snowboarding. I made it down about 5 runs before calling it quits because I didn't want to hurt myself. It was a good day for snowboarding so I was pretty bummed but what can ya do?

Saw this car in the parking lot and enjoyed its artistic detail so I snapped a pic.

After giving up on snowboarding, we went to check out Minnehaha Falls. Quick tip... the staircases down to the bottom of the falls by Sea Salt are all currently ice so if you plan to go in the next week, I suggest coming in from the trails by the river. I watched people slide down the staircases and then struggle to get back up them.

Whether you had a 3 day weekend, 2 day weekend, or you work weekends (shout-out to all my fellow servers), hope you had a great Presidents day "weekend".

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