Dave's Weekend in Five Photos: Date Night With Allison

Three-day weekends are the best except for one thing. You finally do have to come back to work! But they're great while they last. Here's my three-day weekend in five pictures!

Friday night, my wife asked me to be a guest bartender at her Board and Brush store. I figured, "Sure, why not?" since I really haven't done much to help at her store. I've been doing this long enough to know not to assume everyone knows who I am, and never to assume people really give care that much even if they do. So when I introduced myself to the crowd Friday night and got kind of a "Who cares?" reaction, I knew my place! Although I will say there were a few people there who listen and love our show. Shout out Stephanie and Bailey and Corey! Everyone else, even if you don't listen to KDWB, it was great meeting you and having you in the store! Hope you had fun!

Saturday night was a night out with my daughter Allison. We went to Crave in EP and chatted all about her baby, coming in July, and her and her husband buying a house. She is just the kindest and sweetest girl ever and I just want good things to happen for her!

This is my neighbor Steve. We found out we both play ukulele and are at about the level, so we get together and jam here and there. He came over Sunday and we rocked out to everything from "Old Town Road" to "Sweet Caroline." BTW, if you play, sign up for my next ukulele club meeting on February 27 here.

Monday was a perfect day to get in some cross-country skiing so I went to Lake Minnewashta Park in Chanhassen. It's such a huge, beautiful park and we're so lucky to have it in Chan! The trails were great and the snow was perfect!

I've really been getting after it as far as working out lately. Turns out I'm in 10th place at the Chanhassen Snap Fitness "8-Week Challenge." This was my second workout in one day if you count the cross-country skiing as a workout. Being healthier feels great!

I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for looking at my weekend in five pictures!


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