7 Money Conversations You Need to Have Before You Get Married

I've always been decent with money. I've never spent more than I earn, never went crazy with credit cards and always saved some. I think that might have come from growing up without a lot of money. I just never went crazy with it because I wasn't used to there being an abundance in my life.

I once dated someone who had unpaid late bills all over her desk at her house. She drove a beautiful car and wore really nice clothes and always expected to eat at nice restaurants. That was a big red flag for me and even though it wasn't what broke us up, I feel like I dodged a bullet.

Some people I know treat money almost as an enemy. If they get some, they know they're going to lose it, so they rush out and find something to spend it on before it disappears to bills, late fees, car problems, etc.

Money is kinda like sex. What seems really freaky to one person might be perfectly normal to someone else. The thing couples argue about most is money. How to spend it, how much to spend, how much to save.

So before you get married, check out these tips!

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