Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 1/31 - 2/2

Started the weekend making a fun and easy salad. After Dave read some tips on how to make salads less boring last week I wanted to give it a try. This isn't the final product but we used arugula, caramelized pears, parmesan cheese, and a homemade balsamic-soy vinaigrette. It was really good!

Saturday the sun came out! I had to soak it in and went on a run. I got so hot I ended up taking some layers off.

I didn't drink at all for the month of January. I had a friend's bday Saturday and eased back into consuming alcohol. We bopped around Northeast and started at Tattersall.

We went to 1029 Bar which is one of my favorite bars cause it has a small town feel. And some interesting decor....

Sunday was so beautiful too so I went on a long walk. I saw Dave post about picking up litter so I took his lead and picked some up towards the end of my walk. I didn't have a bag to put the litter in but I could have picked up so much more than this if I did. DON'T LITTER.

I skipped doing a Super Bowl party this year. Besides crushing some food I just wasn't feeling it. BUT HOLY SMOKES, DID YOU SEE THAT HALFTIME SHOW??? I think J-Lo and Shakira absolutely crushed it.

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