The Greatest Super Bowl "Thing" Ever Was From 1985

I love football. Love it. But the Vikings never make the Super Bowl and my Broncos have sucked for the past few years so I don't watch as much lately. I WILL be watching the game on Sunday though because, come on, it's the Super Bowl.

But the Super Bowl was in 1985 with the Chicago Bears vs New England. Forget New England, the Bears were the absolute stars of this game. They had the amazing players like Jim McMahon and Refrigerator Perry and then there was Coach Ditka.

The biggest thing they did was a song called, "The Super Bowl Shuffle." It was early to mid-rap and it was technically awful but in 1985, it was really, really cool. EVERYONE loved it and even stations in other cities played this song.

Here it is. Kind of painful to watch now, but great memories of a great season and a great time.

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