Jenny's MLK Weekend in Five Pics

I kicked off the weekend by getting eyelash extensions. I have a lot of eyelashes that are decently long but without mascara I look dead because they are blonde so I am living for these new lashes! I go to Amanda at PHYSX.

Friday night I went for a snowy walk in Loring Park. I've been sick all week and nothing was shoveled so this walk turned into a workout for me.

Due to my sickness, I didn't leave my bed Saturday. I hate days like that, even if I'm sick and need the rest. So Sunday, although I wasn't feeling well, I met up with some friends at Park Tav for the Packers game. We got depressed and left after the first half but then decided to meet up with some other friends in Uptown. Some might say the game was over by the first quarter, but this was the moment the game was officially lost so I forced my friend Shelly to act depressed as I captured A Rodgers in the background. But hey, I love my team and they made it all the way to the NFC championship so congrats boys!

Monday I needed to make up for my not so productive weekend and ran tons of errands. I've been wanting a new jacket for snowboarding so I debated between this one and a black/gray one for about 20 minutes and finally chose this one. Hoigaards had all winter apparel 20% off so I got it but might look around a little more.

I also got my grocery shopping done and managed to do some meal prepping Monday night.

If you're curious, yes, I'm still rocking dry January although that Packers game would have been much easier to get through with a shot or two. Only a week and a half left!

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