Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: A Day with OPRAH

Started off my weekend as I always do with Warrior Sculpt Yoga but this time was different because Jenny came with me and complained because I sweat on her.

The big moment of the weekend was going to see Oprah’s Vision Tour 2020.The event started at 9am on Saturday morning with Oprah hitting the stage at 10am so I left my house at 8am because I knew I’d run into traffic but let me say this wasn’t ordinary traffic because it was backed up from Kellogg all the way to Snelling.As I sit in the line the car in front of me pulled out of the line and was hit by a car in the next lane over going 65 mph.Cars were wrecked but luckily everyone was okay.

It really is amazing Oprah in-person and see how she works, she’s able to seem both down to earth and bigger than life at the same time all while controlling the entire arena! When someone else would take control of the stage Oprah would walk down into the crowd without security (which I eventually did see off to the side of the stage during the second half of the show). Oprah would walk around occasionally taking pictures but she also had away of not making it awkward or making sure things keep moving.Tina Fey was the big celebrity guests and she was good, and she had two small surprises during the show, Suze Orman and Tamron Hill were both in the audience.Overall it was worth spending an afternoon just to learn and hear from an amazing woman like Oprah Winfrey.

Saturday night after watching the Vikings bite it, we watched Lost in Space which I really like, it’s both kid friendly and fun at the same time.Olivia has no interest in Lost in Space so while we watched that she was watching Fuller House.During one of Lost in Spaces emotional scenes Olivia started laughing hysterically and I ended up capturing this picture.

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