Jenny's Christmas Vacation in Ten Pics!

I had a fabulous Christmas vacation and hope you did too! Let's jump right in shall we? Christmas Eve is the one time of the year my dad's side all gets together so I look forward to it every year. My sister and niece are the ones laying on the floor and I thought this moment was the cutest!

I got out for a run Christmas morning before devouring all the Christmas cookies. It was the coolest run I've ever gone on because it was super foggy. I ran out to our lakeside park and snapped some creepy pics along the way.

My older sister hosts Christmas Day with my mom's side of the family. You can barely see the lake behind us in this photo but it's there!

I was home for 5 days and spent the majority of the time with my niece. I seriously can't get enough of her!

I would like you to meet Rascal. He's an asshole, but also my favorite cat. I lived with him for a year and he meows throughout the night so he drives my sister's family crazy, but they put up with him.

The only one in my sister's family that seems to like him is my niece. And he pretty much just lets her do whatever, as displayed in this photo:

My sister took her tree down right away and then burned it. It lit up so fast because of how dry it was.

I headed back to Minneapolis in time to host the NYE party at Muse. It was a fabulous time! Shout out to my friend Ques who throws the best parties and the awesome DJs, Cristian Baca, Ray Mills, & Kaila Troy!

Here's my NYE getup!

Dress: Top shop

Shoes: Michael Kors (got them from DSW for 50% off!)

Hair: David McCarthy from Twiggs

Makeup: the amazing Web Girl Tina

And on New Year's Day, I was convinced to go to the onesie party at Cowboy Jacks downtown. I drank 5 glasses of water, lasted about an hour and a half, then came home to nap the hangover away.

I'm excited for everyone to be back on the morning show tomorrow and to get back to hanging out with you!

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