Dave's Christmas Vacation in Something Like Five Pictures

Happy New Year and thanks for looking at my blog! I have to say, I had a great Christmas and a great vacation but I really didn't do much that was interesting. Usually we go to Florida to visit Susan's dad but he's not doing well and not really welcoming visitors so we decided to stay home. And that meant doing a lot of sitting around the house and relaxing. I did see a few great Netflix movies that I can recommend to you:

-Fracture. It's about a guy who murders his wife and tries to outwit the prosecution.

-I Don't Feel At Home in This World Anymore. It starts out kinda sweet and nerdy like Napolean Dynamite but gets weird and dark and it's really good!

-Enemy. A guy sees someone who looks just like him in a movie and goes out to find him. And it doesn't go well. And it's messed up and it's good!

-The Perfection. Two world-class cellists hang out together in China and things get really weird really fast. it's dark and twisted and makes you wonder "What the eff just happened?" it's a cross between White Swan and Whiplash. This was my favorite of these four.

Okay, onto the pictures!

We went to church on Christmas Eve and on the way out, Carson put his arm around his mom. I just had to get a picture. So sweet.

Our tree on Christmas Eve. Every tree looks best with presents under it. The next day, it's still pretty but doesn't look as festive without presents.

Christmas Eve we played the game with a ball of Saran Wrap where you put little prizes in it, like dollar bills, and lottery tickets. One person tries to unwrap as much as they can while someone else tries to roll doubles on a pair of dice. Once you roll doubles, you get a turn at the ball. Tons of fun and we do it every year.

Later in the day when things slow down, there's not a ton to take pictures of and that's why you're looking at a picture of Allison and her husband playing chess! LOL!

Carson resting his head on Josie and of course, Josie doesn't mind.

And on New Years Eve, the sun was out and there was 5 inches of fresh snow so I went to Carver Park Reserve and got about 5 miles in. So much more fun to be outside than to run on the treadmill!

I hope you had a wonderful Holiday filled with the ones you love and making new memories.

I know this time of year, everyone is posting something philosophical on their social media about how they've grown in the last decade and I think that's great. I won't get philosophical here, I just want to say take care of yourself. Embrace healthy mental and physical habits. Take care of the people around you too because they're pretty important and sometimes they need help.

Happy 2020 and thanks for listening to our show!


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