Travel Trends in 2020

There are some GREAT ideas on here especially the Women-Only Group Travel. See some below, and click here for the rest!

Women-Only Group Travel

For example: REI Adventures has seen a 106 percent rise this past year and predicts those numbers to keep on climbing as 2020 gets going. Because of this, they've rolled out a bunch of brand new adventures to add to this already amazing category.

Where to go:Check out REI's Iceland Winter Women's Adventure, launching the first expedition in February, or the Women's Galapagos Islands Multisport, launching its premier trip in April.Wild Women Expeditions also offers numerous female-only trips as well; explore Argentina via horseback, hike in Northern Vietnam, or peruse their many options.

Second City Travel

Second bestisthe best, in this case. According to, "second-city" travel is becoming more and more of a thing as travelers veer away from overcrowded destinations and toward cities or locales that offer similar attractions and vibes without throngs of tourists. One plus? They're usually more affordable, too.

Where to go:Trade Italy's Amalfi Coast's most well-known spot of Positano for the more under the radar and very authentic seaside hamlet of Atrani. Swap Dubrovnik for Mostar in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina. Island hop to Paros or Ios in lieu of crowded Santorini in Greece. The bricks of feta taste great on all of the Greek Islands.

Responsible Wildlife Encounters Travel

The thrill of viewing wildlife is always on trend, but doing it safely and in small-group situations led by knowledgeable guides is a coveted method of travel, especially in the coming year as more opportunities with reputable companies arise. From responsible and sustainable safaris to bird-watching expeditions, there's something for all interests that keep animals and travelers happy.

Where to go: Wilderness Safaris in Africa is not only a luxury tour operator, but also a conservation company with several camps in different areas of the country making giant efforts in the sustainable eco-tourism world. The newly-opened Magashi Camp is the first luxury safari lodge in Rwanda's Akagera National Park. Sri Lanka's Gal Oya Lodge offers immersive forest lodging just outside of the Gal Oya National Park and puts together boating excursions for elephant viewing at sunrise complete with a fancy picnic breakfast. Or, bundle up and for a more remote experience on a small cruise trip with Polar Quest for the unique chance to view polar bears in the wild.

One-Stop-Shop Travel

This is not your classic all-inclusive vacation. This rising trend will take the extra work out of trip planning by helping to pair travelers with local guides and authentic (and usually unique!) experiences via their lodging. More hotels and bookable stays like Airbnb are offering creative opportunities for their visitors to reserve pretty much everything in one place without skimping on local connections and cultural experiences.

Where to go:Airbnb recently launched their series of Airbnb Experiences, which is a real game-changer. So far, you can book activities involving animal interactions — like sheep tea parties or stand-up paddle boarding with corgis — and adventures such as Northern Lights hiking in Norway with a local guide. Oh, and you canbook cooking experiences, too.

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