Jenny's Trip to Lambeau in Five Pics

My girlfriend's family has season tickets for the Packers and a couple months ago she asked myself and some other friends if we wanted to hit up one of the games in December so we decided to plan a weekend trip to Lambeau. The trip started off a bit rough. As soon as we got to Green Bay we went to dinner and as we were leaving dinner my girlfriend's car was acting weird so we pulled over to see she had a flat tire.

My friend didn't have a spare so we sat in a Kwik Trip for about 2 hours trying to get a hold of her insurance and figure out where to get it towed. It was 11pm so nothing was open and it just wasn't what we wanted to deal with at that point in the night but we got it figured out and then Tony from the towing company showed up and was kind enough to take us back to our hotel so here we are in the back of his truck.

We got up early Sunday morning to head to the tailgate lots. We didn't have a car to tailgate with so we just made friends in the lots. One crew from the Appleton area kindly took us in, fed us, gave us snacks to sneak into the stadium, and feet warmers.

I dressed very warm but I have the worst circulation in my hands and feet, so my toes were struggling a little bit but we all survived!

We also befriended some of the enemy, which isn't too hard to deal with when your team is winning haha.

Only a week away from Christmas! Hope you have most if not all of your shopping done. I'm only at about 80% done but should be finished in the next couple of days.

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