Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: A Winter Wonderland Weekend

It was a super busy weekend. It was our friend, Mike's birthday and we ended up going the River Inn which is one of my favorite restaurants ever! I'm a big fan of it because the food is great and in December they have fires outside. While waiting for a table we stood outside and sang Christmas carols which was a blast.

A fun thing we did on Saturday was Skate the Star at Mall of America. It was BITTER cold and I brought Isaac along because he loves to ice skate.

On Sunday, I took the kids and the dogs for a walk in the park. We spent some time pulling vines on the trees last week so I did it again this week and pulled a little too hard because a branch came down and nearly hit me in the head. Here's Isaac with the branch.

My final picture from the weekend is a picture of a sign that someone took and sent to us on Facebook. The sign gives directions for doing a monthly breast self-exam and Dave confirmed that it's something they gave out back in the day. I don't know where this sign is but it was funny seeing it.

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