Wilson Family's Christmas Wish

Usually when Christmas wish comes around, I can’t think of anyone that I could possibly nominate. But this year is different. I know a family that has hit a rough patch in their lives and I want to help them out for the holidays. 
I’ve known Stephanie almost my entire life. She used to babysit me when I was a toddler. Now that I have kids, she never hesitates to take them for long weekends or just a night when we need a break. She loves my kids like they’re her own. 
Steph does have one adult daughter that recently moved to a different state to join the military. Even though she’s so proud of her, being so far away from her has been really hard for Steph. She’s always wanted more kids, she often jokes that I should give her mine and although sometimes I’m ready to, I think what she really needed was the perfect person to have her own kids with. Then she met Catima. Catima is the perfect match for Steph, she’s funny and caring and has a huge heart, which is just what Steph needs. Since they knew they were soulmates, they decided to look into having a baby. Originally Steph was going to carry the baby for them but she unexpectedly had to have an emergency hysterectomy, which obviously meant that her carrying the baby was no longer an option. Catima didn’t hesitate to carry their baby for them. While they were in the process of preparing for this amazing event, they got life changing news. Catima was diagnosed with breast cancer. After months of treatment and so many long nights wondering if that would be their last moment together, she is now cancer free. Unfortunately she is still unable to carry a baby due to all of the possible health problems it could cause her and their unborn child. 
Being the selfless and hopeful people they are, instead of wondering what could have been, they decided to pursue parenthood in a different way. Steph quit her job and became a foster care provider. She was going back and forth wondering if it was the right choice. They waited for what seemed like forever for the children to get placed with them. But once it happened, she knew she made the right decision. They now have 3 beautiful foster daughters that they love as their own. After a rough year, they deserve something wonderful. I think this Christmas wish will give them a head start into an amazing life as a family. 

For Stephanie Wilson & Family this Christmas season, $500 Visa Gift, $100 Target Gift Card, $100 AMC Gift Card, $50 Happy Eats gift card, Villainous board game, 20 Second Show Down board game, Snowman making kit, Family planner, Bath towels, Hand towels & Wash cloths.

For Stephanie & Catima, coffee mugs, sweaters, robes, blankets, hats, mittens, scarfs. For 2-year-old Bella, Nick Jr. LIVE! Tickets and swag ba, Leap Start 3D. Leap Start replayable activity books, Baby Born, Pete the Cat 12 Days of Christmas, Water bottles, Peppa Pig mess free coloring book, Ice Cream play set, PJs, Longsleeve, Jacket, Sweaters, Mittens & Jeans. For 10-year-old Lamyia, Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet, Canvas art set, Sparkly back pack, Headphones, Donut lunch box, Friendship bracelet making kit, Water bottle, Ice monster snow tube, Jacket, Leggings. Finally for 12-year-old Rayonna, Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet, Canvas art set, Backpack, Headphones, Dream catcher lunch box, Notebook, Knit your own scarf kit, Water bottle, Donut snow tube, Jacket & Jeans.

Listen to Dave grant this Wish for Stephanie Wilson & Family!

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