Kenyon Family's Christmas Wish

We are writing about a wonderful person, mother, wife, small business owner and coach, Sheila Kenyon in hopes that you can provide her and her family some much needed cheer this holiday season. We all are lucky enough to have met Sheila by joining Maple Grove/Plymouth/Brooklyn Park Moms on the Run group, where she is the owner and coach.
In February, after having a CT scan for ear and throat pain she had been having, Sheila received news that she had a small brain tumor. An MRI at Mayo Clinic confirmed that she had not one, but 8 tumors. She had gamma knife radiosurgery in May. Thankfully the tumors were benign.
She came back and coached are running group and even ran part of a race in June. But quickly realized healing from surgery would be far more difficult than she could have ever imagined. It seems that she has suffered from every side effect possible.
As if constant headaches, brain fog, hair loss and extreme fatigue weren’t enough all well trying to continue to coach our running group, run the business and raise an active 3-year old boy, in August, she was rushed to the hospital after she suddenly couldn’t speak. The doctors were faced with the serious task of figuring out if she was having a stroke or seizure. The doctors determined Sheila wasn’t having a stroke, but that brain swelling was causing a seizure. This seizure has caused some paralysis on the right side of her body, initially even affecting her speech. She’s had many more seizures after this and has been in and out of the hospital all fall.
Her latest visit to Mayo caused the greatest anxiety to her family. Her 3-year old son was worried that she would leave him for a long time again. And, in Sheila’s own words, “the only thing he knows is that they took his mom away and changed her.”
Recently, she was in the hospital again due to blood clots and again for dehydration. While the reality is that she’s only 6 months out from major brain surgery and symptoms can last up to 2 years - she remains positive and continues to put up the biggest fight of her life. And, she never misses a chance to cheer on her team at a race. There’s nothing like turning the corner and hearing her say, “You got this! You’re almost there.” which makes you push through. We all know she would give anything to be there running with us.
We, at Moms on the Run, miss Sheila like crazy and want nothing more than for her to feel good again. Dealing with serious health issues is hard for anyone, but the burden on a small business owner is especially hard. Anything KDWB can do to bring a little brightness to this family would be very much appreciated.
Merry Christmas!
Heidi, Neeka, Amanda, Laura, Stacy and many more Maple Grove/Plymouth/Brooklyn Park Moms on the Run friends

For the Kenyon family this year, we got for them a $50 Davanni’s gift card, Dig it Up Dinosaur Eggs, Planetarium Projector, Volcano Slime Kit, 4 tickets to Flyover America, MN Zoo Membership, Shipt Grocery membership, $500 Visa Gift Card for groceries, Cookie baking kit, sheet, rack, cutters, baking mat, spatula, whisk, icing, decorations, sprinkles, cookie mix, oven mits & towels.

For 3-year-old Elliot, clothing items like, Pants, Athletic shirts, Fuzzy sweater, Rocket ship sweatshirt, Space shirts, Truck shirt & Pizza PJs. He'll also reveive a NASA blanket, Hot wheels track, Spaceship Backpack, Bear towel, Latch bars & Water bottle.

Sheila will receive Long sleeve shirts, Sweaters, Comfy pants, Athletic jacket, Fuzzy sweatshirt, Leggings and running gear, Sports bra/matching leggings, Fuzzy cardigan, Robe, Hats, Gloves, Scarf & Cozy Socks. She'll also receive a Premium cooling towel, Smart phone arm band for running, New running/on the go bag, Travel mug, Water Bottle, Crazy Rich Asians book, The Guardians book, Where’d You Go Bernadette Book, The Handmaids Tale book, Girl Wash Your Face book, Girl Stop Apologizing book, King size plush blanket, Planner, Spa day advent calendar, Gel pens & Mug.

For Chris, Star Wars hoodie, Space Shirts, NASA PJs, Sweaters, Vest, Biking pants, Athletic Shirts, Athletic Jacket, Hat & Gloves, Bike Gloves, Water Bottle.

Listen to Dave grant this Wish for the Kenyon Family!

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