Gravning Family's Christmas Wish

Dear Dave, Steve and Falen
This Christmas season I cannot think of a more deserving family for a Christmas wish.
I would like to nominate Cheryl in hopes of relieving some stress for her this Christmas. Cheryl has been our daycare provider for the past 6 years, over that time I have experienced what an amazing human she is, always putting everyone before her doing whatever she can to help our kids, never complaining about how stressed she is watching her husband be sick.
 Over the last 6 years I have witnessed her husband Allan battle Leukemia. He also was battling Lymphoma 5 years prior, on top of that he was born with a heart condition. He is a huge part of daycare, my kids love him. He tries to be very involved with the daycare kids, making their lunches and interacting as much as possible when he is not going through treatments.
 He recently found out that he has become immune to the chemo and nothing is working anymore. Despite every obstacle that has been thrown his way he still remains to have a positive outlook on life holding his head up high. when inside I know he's breaking that there is nothing he can do to fix himself. He has never been approved for life insurance because of his heart defect.
They're trying to make him pain free as he waits out the rest of his life.
Cheryl has taken on this financial burden working two jobs to make ends meet. She always remains positive despite the situation she is in. I believe our kids is what keeps her going everyday and she still manages to go above an beyond with different activities and crafts with our kids. she truly is an angel.
This Christmas I would love for Cheryl and Allan, two people who retain their optimism in the face of such adversity, who are so giving of themselves for our children, and who couldn't be more deserving, to get a little bit of help this holiday season.
Thank you for considering my wish.

For Cheryl Gravning & Family this holiday season, we got, a Canon Camera with 2 Memory Cards, $500 Cub Grocery Gift Card, $100 Amazon Gift Card, $200 Gas Cards, $50 Hulu Gift Card, $50 Netflix Gift Card, $25 Starbucks Gift Card, $50 AMC gift card, $200 Visa gift card for fun outings for Cheryl & Allan & Plush Blankets.

For Cheryl's daycare T-ball set, Build-a-House, Little Tikes Slide, Punt Pass & Shoot game. A Soccer goal, Coloring books, Crayons, Color Wonder Kits, 150 Crayola Markers, Lego Creative Brick Box, Bubbles, Mega Bloks, Balls & Blocks set.

We also got some presents just for Cheryl including new sweaters, pajamas, mittens, cozy robe, blanket scarf, hat & suede slippers. She'll also receive face masks & a nailpolish holiday kit to relax & treat herself this Christmas. For husband, Allan, long-sleeve shirts, cozy robe, sweatshirts, sweaters, pajamas, hats, slippers, scarf & goves.

Listen to Dave grant this wish for Cheryl Gravning & Family.

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