Tina's Holiday Gift Guide!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Shopping for the people in your life can be stressful & time consuming. Hopefully I can help you find the perfect gift for someone in your life this year!

Real talk, for the most part, I've stopped doing presents with my friends & family. We started going a bit overboard & it got wasteful. My family still get each other small stocking stuffers & maybe one other bigger, meaningful present.

This year I've been really focused on living a more sustainable lifestyle. This is actually something I asked my family to get me.

Stainless Steel Lunch Kit from Sustainable Supply - HERE

I realized how much I was using plastic silverware at work & throwing it away each day. I asked for this kit to keep at work so that I don't have to worry about being as wasteful. Sustainable Supply makes a few different versions of this with all the utensils you could need.

If you're looking to live a bit more suatainably & reduce your waste, check out their website for a bunch of options.

Balm Dotcom from Glossier - HERE

This is another thing I actually asked for this Christmas. My mom always puts chapstick in my stocking. For years & years it was Burt's Bees, but then I tried Glossier Balm Dotcom & it was game over for Burt. This is a SAVIOR for those winter dry lips.

You can buy them as a single, but I say save & buy the trio. I keep these everywhere so there is always one near. My favorite is Birthday, but closely followed by Coconut. Seriously, you need this.

Nike Air Max 270 React - HERE

This holiday season, give the gift of sneakers. My latest purchase were the Nike Air Max 270 React and I LOVE THEM. They are comfortable, functunal & dope AF. They come in a variety of colorways (I have the Mid-Century) and will definitely bring a simle to the face of who ever you gift them to!

Kim Crawford - Sauvignon Blanc

I told all my friends not to get me a gift this year to reduce waste, but if they felt like they really needed to get me something, to just get me a bottle of wine. It's delicious, nutritious (according to Tina) & easily accessible. The perfect gift for that person in your life who is picky or already has everything.

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc is basically the greatest wine of all time. You can't go wrong.

Missoma Jewelry - HERE

If you're looking to spend a little more on someone special in your life I recommend Missoma jewelry. It's a brand out of London that makes the most amazing pieces that are made to be worn alone or layered. They have a variety of styles & price points, but it's guarenteed to make someone in your life feel incredibly special this holiday season!

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