Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: This Weekend Was a Blur

This picture of the Christmas reindeer in our front yard I think is a perfect representation of what my weekend was like. I've stood it up 2-3 times, Kristy's stood it up and rearranged the stakes in the ground times and just when we think it works something strange happens and it falls on the ground. That's the story of our weekend, you think something is getting done and it doesn't and then you're screwed.

This is from Friday when we finally were able to take our family Christmas photo which I THINK might be our best ever (this was the ONE thing that went right and we actually finished over the weekend).

Saturday was another ballet rehearsal. Here's my pretend family, it's Olivia her best friend Serena and her mom, Andee.

A sweet moment from the weekend, we got the Christmas tree up and Isaac helped me get the star on top of the tree.

My favorite picture from the weekend is from Sunday. Kristy and Olivia went to the store to find their outfits for Jingle Ball so Isaac and I went to the dog park and i just love this photo of Isaac with Charlie and Murray in the background.

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