Jenny's Weekend In Five Pics: 12/6 - 12/8

I keep the weekend before Jingle Ball very low key so I ended up skipping out on anything exciting I was asked to do and instead did some adulting. First, I sold my old TV on Craigslist so I could set up the one I bought on Black Friday.

I went on a late afternoon run on Saturday and caught this sunset.

I watched the Vanessa Hudgens Netflix Christmas movie "The Knight Before Christmas". 1000% corny and predictable, but it entertained me enough to stay in Saturday night.

Sunday I wanted to find some accessories for my Jingle Ball outfit and do some Christmas shopping. I assumed all malls were open earlier with Holiday hours so I got to Ridgedale at 10:30am and it didn't open until 11am so I hung out with the mall walkers for a half hour.

I also got my nails done. I go to Tim at Crown Nails in Uptown. I've gone to a handful of different places before and found Tim two years ago and he's the best! (Not an ad)

Not my most exciting weekend but that's because I'm saving all my energy for Jingle Ball tomorrow! If you don't already, follow ya girl on Instagram to see some of the behind the scenes action, @jennykdwb. Hope you had a great weekend!

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