Jenny's Christmas Gift Guide!

Every person is different but if you know someone that likes to cook, run, styles their hair often, enjoys a few beverages, then hopefully my gift guide will help you this Christmas!

A Nice Set of Pots and Pans

I have random pots and pans that I've accumulated from my college days. They're cheap and stained now. A nice matching set would make cooking much easier and more enjoyable! Link here.

A Total Wine Gift Card

Swear this isn't because I used to be a party girl! Now that I'm older, I like to have a liquor cabinet stocked with cordials, mixers, & liquor to be able to make cocktails for when I have guests over. Link here.

A Hydro Flask Water Bottle

As I've gotten older I realized the importance of drinking more water and honestly, it's easier to drink out of a nice water bottle that keeps the water cold. Don't call me a VSCO girl, just want to be inspired to drink more water. Link here.

Color Wow Dream Coat

I have thick, rougher hair. In order for mine to get the shinier, smooth look I have to use multiple products and this one is my favorite! (There's two different kinds for curly or straight hair) Link here.

Heated Foot Spa Bath Massager

I work out and run multiple days a week and hate getting pedicures so my feet are constantly in rough shape. If you know a runner or someone who's on their feet all day, I can guarantee something like this would not only help out their feet, but also help them relax! Link here.

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