Everson Family's Christmas Wish

During this season of giving, we cannot think of a more deserving family for a Christmas wish than the Everson family.
All of us know Zoey Everson in different ways as our paths crossed during her tenure at a local daycare. Courtney and Zoey have daughters in the same grade, and Casi and Kourtney worked with Zoey as fellow teachers. During this time, we were fortunate to witness her love for children, and dedication to others. Zoey was always the first to rush to Casi and Kourtney’s classroom to help in any situation. Whether it was a child in need, or simply a bathroom break for teachers, Zoey would always come to our aide. Thus, a close friendship grew.
There is no one more important to Zoey than her family. She has a wonderful marriage with Peter, and they created a happy family home, for two beautiful children, Aili (7) and Nolan (5) the three of us got to watch grow up. Then in May of 2018, they received news no family is prepared to hear. Peter was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. Initially, they did not let the dire diagnosis alter their spirit, exploring treatments both standard and experimental, to beat the odds.
It has been an amazing fight, but recently grown too much for Peter’s body to handle, as his liver function continues to deteriorate. Recently, making the decision to enter hospice care at home. This still will not slow him down, as he works hard to care for his family and ensure they will be well cared for after he is gone.
That remains his focus, and as friends we know that there is little we can do to make things better, but at least we can offer some Christmas spirit. Peter has maintained such humor throughout his diagnosis, handled better than many of us could, so want to continue to spread the cheer and demonstrate the Everson’s love for one another.
Luckily, they have ensured no time spent together is taken for granted. Zoey took last summer off to maximize the long summer days outdoors, and is currently on leave from work. While underscores the priority of family, it also adds to the difficulty given the financial reality of a serious illness. Lost income is not easy on any family, and certainly not this time of year.
Peter, we know your biggest concern is the well-being of your family. We hope to be able to alleviate some of those concerns by demonstrating that your family is well loved and will be taken care of. You have made quite a legacy for yourself, and they will always know how much you love them.
Merry Christmas Everson family.

It was an honor to grant this wish for the Everson family! To help make their holiday season a little brighter, we have a $500 Visa gift card for grocieres & gas. $50 gift card from Davanni's, 4 tickets to FlyOver America thanks to Mall of America & 4 tickets to see the Minnesota Wild vs. Calgary! We also got the family $50 to Hulu, $60 to Netflix, matching holiday pajamas, and games like Elf on the Shelf, Pie Face game, family charades & Don't Break the Ice. They'll also receive a Christmas wreath, movies like the Sandlot, Goonies, Wizard of Oz, & Harry Potter. You can't have movies without snacks, so we got the Everson's a popcorn maker with popcorn & bowls and movie theater candy!

For 7-year-old Aili, Pink Fuzzy Sequin backpack, speaker, new dance bag filled with dance clothes, Plant and Grow Fairy Garden, scrunchies, brush, sparkle hand sanitizer & a blanket. She'll also revecieve a bunch of new clothing items like fuzzy & sparkly sweatshirts, Minnesota Wild sweatshirt, sweaters, a new dress, pajamas & winter accessories.

From 5-year-old brother, Nolan, lots of toys like Magna Tiles, Toy Story Legos, Marble Run & a new banket. Nolan will also recevie new clothing items such as sweaters & sweatshirts, Superhero t-shirts, Christmas sweater, pizza slippers, flannel shirt, pajamas & winter accessories.

Mom, Zoey, is receving Minnesota Wild sweatpants & sweatshirt, a new sweater, jacket, cardigan, fuzzy zip-up hoodie & winter accesories. To relax over the holiday, we got Zoey a spa advent calendar. She can also enjoy a new blanket, backpack, day planner & coffee cup. Finally for Dad, Peter, a Minnesota Wild sweatshirt, fuzzy/comfy sweater, sweatpants, slippers, blanket & coffee cup.

LISTEN: Dave Ryan calls to surprise the Everson Family with a KDWB Christmas Wish

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