Jenny's Thanksgiving Break in Five Pics!

Happy belated Thanksgiving! Hope you had some time off and got to were able to enjoy it with family and friends! I spent mine back home in Wisconsin. I can never get enough time with my niece, so of course here's an obligatory picture of her!

I haven't done Black Friday shopping for a long time but I went out with my sister on Thanksgiving to Target. I planned on just going to get a doorbuster Christmas tree, and ended up leaving with a tree AND a 50 inch TV.

I came back to Minneapolis early so I could go to College Game Day. I'm a U of M grad so I of course went to cheer on my Gophers! It was cold and horrendous weather but super cool and totally worth it!

I tailgated after and the lines for the porta pottys were extremely long. So I made friends with these people while waiting in line.

And Sunday I put up my Christmas decorations!

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