Bride-to-Be Says Ring Size DOES Matter and Internet is Disgusted

A bride to be is being blasted as ungrateful after she took to the Netmums forum to complain about the size of her engagement ring. The woman shares that her boyfriend recently proposed during a romantic trip in Italy, but says she was disappointed by her 0.8 carat solitaire diamond and platinum ring. She posted online, "When he opened the box the first thing I thought was 'it's small,'". She also adds that while her beau thought the ring was “better” than her friends' rings and she could “show it off,” she notes, “mine looks tiny compared to my friends.”

Despite her petty reaction, the woman went on to insist she isn’t “shallow” or “fickle,” adding, “I’m working class and love my fiancé with all my heart - but I’m struggling to get past this and being soul destroyingly honest in the hope someone can give me some good advice.”

What did the internet say? well of course, the web turned on her.

“You should love what that ring represents, the effort, money and time he went too,” one person noted. “No you should not broach the subject again."

Another added, “Working class or not you come across as very spoilt and entitled. Suck it up and be grateful what you have.”

Finally, another shared, “So be grateful. Don't act like such a stuck up spoilt so and so and either split up or love the ring as much as the person it came from but don't moan about it.” 

Daily Mail

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