Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 11/22 - 11/24

Kicked the weekend off by checking out the new Illumination at the Science Museum!

Saturday I grabbed lunch with some girlfriends at The Lynhall.

Saturday night I had a Friendsgiving. Everyone made amazing dishes and I brought cranberry sauce from a can because I'm not an adult yet....

We attempted to take a timed group picture on my friend's nice camera for about 20 minutes. When we finally got it to work, I was sick of smiling and grabbed a turkey leg and put it in my mouth. We did get some good ones, but here's the one I ruined:

Sunday I got outside for a bit but it was pretty uneventful. Excited for the holiday week to go home and see my family but then I'm coming back early to watch the Gophers win that Axe!

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