Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: I Wish We Could All Be Like Logan

Began my weekend as a 'WIngman" at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children Hospitals Fashion Fest at the Depot. Here I am with Logan, his Dad and his mom Natalie, who serves on the board for Fashion Fest and its because of her I was invited to participate.

This is a picture of me with Logan, a 'kid" that I only know because of his mom that I have a lot of respect for because he's had to endure more in his life then most of us will ever endure. Logan's already had one heart transplant, that's right, TRANSPLANT which I don't think any of us could even begin to imagine both the emotional and physical toll it takes on someone. The amazing part is that he's still a super cool, normal down to earth kid that will also be in the upcoming Star Wars movie. (He can't talk about it until the movie comes out in December)

I also scored a photo with Goldie before walking the runway on Friday night and yes, I did watch the Gopher game on Saturday. :(

Saturday was a day of family ‘business’ taking the kids to do soccer and ballet and then Saturday evening we went bowling in Monticello. It was back to life on Sunday, Isaac had a friends birthday party which was really cool, they got to watch the game at the St. Michael's movie theater.

Got home on Sunday and Christmas arrived!

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