Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: Hanging With Falen, Jake and Olive

Big weekend! Friday after work, I spoke about aviation at Delano High School. I completely forgot to get pictures but it was an honor to do it. My wife's Board and Brush store grand opening was Friday so that was an interesting start to the weekend. Let's get started on my weekend in five pictures!

For weeks, Susan's been working on getting ready to open this store with two of her friends. The big grand opening was Friday and I didn't expect it, but in walk Falen and Jake with Baby Olive. It was really good to see them and see how Olive has grown in only 2 months! She's the cutest baby ever! Sorry you can't see her at all in this picture!

You probably know I got a ukulele a year and a half ago and I absolutely love it. I play it almost every day and it's super-relaxing and fun. Seriously, the word joy is so fitting because it really does bring me joy! Saturday was the big Twin Cities Ukulele Fest at the Crown Plaza in Plymouth and of course, I went!

And I had to buy this. It's a 1950 banjolele. It's all metal, it sound amazing and it's just so cool! Nerd alert!!!

Saturday night, we went to see a performance of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" album at the Ordway. I had the very worst absolute back row balcony seats but it didn't matter. We absolutely loved it.

I'm seriously at the end of my rope with the gloomy weather in Minnesota this year and basically the last few years. It's been hard to take. It was an actual rarity when the sun shone this year, even during the summer. I think I'll give it one more year here and if it doesn't get better, I've seriously got to think about moving somewhere else. Life is too short to live in cloudy, gloomy weather 80 percent of the time. Sunday, after spending most of the day working on the show in the dark house, I had to get out for a walk with my girl.

Have a great week! Thanks for looking at my blog!


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