The Dave Ryan Show Drinking Game

Based on the Hallmark Movie drinking game we created a version of the game based on the Dave Ryan Show. (Get ready to get drunk) For the game, each time one of these things happen take a shot.

When anyone yells: Write it down Jenny!!

Drink when Dave talks about Colorado or Boy Scouts or says "Chanhappening"

When Falen says, “Thanks for asking”

When Tina acts like Eeyore

When WX Jenny mentions “booze” “going out” or “Kick Ball”

Whenever Dave or Steve says your short on time

Everytime Dave plugs "Take a shower, show up on time, and don't steal anything"

When the morning show gets off topic

When Lina does a cat shout out

When Steve shares a questionable fact

When Steve o fake laughs

When lena quiet laughs

When Dave says "I'm gonna be honest with ya"

Whenever Dave mentions being in Mensa


 take a shot whenever Jenny talks about getting hit on #MyPoorLive

When Lena says Majestic

When Lena talks about her cats

When Dave says “B Word”

When Dave forgets an artist coming to KDWB’s Jingle Ball

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