Youtubers Ticketed by Minnesota DNR for Jet Ski Stunt

A group of Youtubers recently did a jetski stunt and a MN DNR officer is not happy about it .

The Youtube channel, CBoysTV description of the video is, 'In Today’s Episode we enter the day with one goal. And that is to find a road for Bangin’ to finally do the jetski road gap with. We built the world worst (but somewhat reinforced) takeoff ramp. He didn’t even think twice about it and just sent it!!!! What an amazing outcome. Besides for a slightly injured Bangin’ and a ticket from the DNR that is. We have now confirmed that this jetski is somewhat indestructible. JET SKI JUMP OVER ROAD!!'

The stunt has the guys using a ramp to jump a 30 foot gap between two ponds. A MN DNR Investigator investigated the incident and has now issued two tickets —one for operating a personal watercraft without a life jacket, and one for careless operation of a personal watercraft.

After being ticketed, CBoysTV published an apology.

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