So My Wife Had A Baby.

Soooo the past two weeks have been wild.

On Wednesday around 3p, Jenn started having contractions. We started to head to the hospital around 1p. From Saint Louis Park to Edina... traffic was AWFUL.

I ended up riding down the shoulder of 100 and eventually running some stoplights (safely) as Jenn's contractions got closer and closer together.

We made it to the Hospital JUST in time for her to get an epidural, and not too long after that, Remi was born :).

She is adorable and everything I could've imagined. It's weird how much I can love something I've only known for two weeks. I'm so excited for the future.. traditions our family will have... weird inside jokes... memories to look back on.

Having a happy family is now my main focus. I'm thankful to be a father!! Here are some photos:

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