Krystin's Incredible Pet Artwork

Not long ago, I got an Instagram message from a listener named Krystin. She told me she's an artist who paints pets and was wondering if I had any tips on how to get her art and her name out there. After all, it's one thing to be talented, it's another thing to have your talent recognized the way it deserves.

I asked her to send me some of her artwork and I was blown away. Take a look.

Pretty impressive, right? I asked Krystin to tell me a little more about herself and she wrote this:

I’m a self taught artist and started showing skills at the age of 8-10. My father was an artist back in his day and it made me want to pursue my knowledge for art. I read books and studied other artwork to understand it better. At the age of 12 my 6th grade science teacher, Mrs. Leonard, pushed me further by asking for a drawing of her dogs. I sold it to her for $25. At the age of 15 or 16 I painted an elephant and a couple zebras and sold both paintings for over $1000 to someone in Palm Springs, CA. I’m 24 now and have been successfully selling my work since then. It’s been harder to market myself however being a full time student for graphic design with a full time job. Yet when I have artwork to do I stay up very late ensuring it’s done. In the past I have had artwork I hated that I did and I would redo it before sending it off to the customer until it was perfect, sometimes I’ve redone pieces up to 3-4x before showing the customer. I’ve taught myself which colored pencils, paint and pencils work best with my style. I’ve taught myself things even like the nature of a colored pencil whether it’s wax based or carbon based. That’s pretty much the short version of my story. Thanks again and let me know if you have any more questions. I really appreciate it!


BTW, her full name is Krystin Kaess. You can follow her on Instagram and see more of her work at krystin_kaess_art

She's on Facebook too, just search Krystin Kaess Studios.

And on Twitter @kaesskrystin

Her if you want to ask her more about pricing.

Here's more:

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