Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: Boy Scout Camp

Even though my son Carson is away at college and finished with Boy Scouts, I still like to help out. It's fun, it's adventure and I really like pretty much all things Scouting. So when Carson's troop needed another adult to come along, I was there!

Check out my weekend at Scout Camp in Wisconsin!

We were at Fred C. Anderson Scout Camp across the river from Stillwater. It's named after the same Fred C. Anderson who founded Anderson Windows. He bought the land and donated it to the Boy Scouts. This is inside one of the lodges. The boys are working on who's cooking, who's cleaning and what activities they want to do.

We spent a lot of time hiking. It was great fall weather. No rain or snow!

The boys dared me to climb up on this 6 foot high concrete pipe. I don't like heights, even small ones like this, but I had to do it. I got down pretty much right after this picture was taken!

Some of the beautiful sandstone bluffs along the St. Croix.

I taught the boys Chess Merit Badge and I was amazed how they totally were into in and ignored their phones for a few hours!

Bonus picture! We also played The Greatest Board Game Ever: Settlers of Catan! I won and I didn't feel the least bit guilty about it!

I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for looking at my blog!


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