Do Britt's List of Requirements for a Guy Make Her Shallow?

Britt emailed the show with a question.

Dave, Steve, and Lena,

I am a long time listener of the Dave Ryan morning show and I know sometimes you ask questions for people to answer on the air and I am wondering if you would be willing to share my question?

Is it shallow for a woman to say she is not interested in dating anyone shorter than herself?

Back story: I am a 28 year old single mom to a 9 yr old boy with a great career and fairly active lifestyle. My height is 5'9 so I'm on the taller side you could say. Any who, I have been single for over FIVE years!! I oftentimes wonder if I am too picky and if any of my "requirements" make me too shallow. Additionally, I'm not really a drinker/bar goer and I'm genuinely curious how the hell I am supposed to meet decent men that fit my criteria? I have been on approximately 60-75 tinder/bumble dates over the years. I remember you saying on the radio a couple months ago that it takes the average person around 50 (if I recall). 


  1. - taller than 5'9
  2. - has life goals (and actively works towards them) 
  3. - keeps up personal hygiene 
  4. - likes kids
  5. - has socially liberal leaning views
  6. - age between 27-40
  7. - lives within 60 miles
  8. - not clingy 
  9. - not cocky or "rude to waiters" type
  10. - honest and caring 


  1. - nice teeth
  2. - loves to give back to others/volunteer
  3. - lives within 20 miles
  4. - has vehicle
  5. - has kid/s

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