Jenny's Extended Weekend Back Home in Five Pics!

I'm a little late to the weekend in five pics party because I went home for the weekend and decided to stay until Monday to spend some time with the fam. I hadn't been home in 5+ months so it was much needed! I got back Friday night and immediately headed to my sister's house. She had some of the family over for dinner and we caught this beautiful sunset.

I spent the majority of my time hanging out with my niece and could have filled this entire blog with only pictures of her because I took so many but this one is probably my favorite! I hadn't seen her since mid-July and she's gotten so big (insert crying emoji)!!

Saturday I went on a run to our lakeside park. Midway through I stopped at the Fond du Lac Lighthouse and decided to climb to the top, which I haven't done since high school. It's a beautiful view of Lake Winnebago and with the leaves changing, it made it that much prettier.

Saturday night we had a surprise birthday party for my older sister Rachael. I really didn't think she knew but when she showed up, she admitted she picked up on some hints her husband mistakenly dropped and I was in town. But we still had a fabulous time! (Click the right arrow to see a video of the "surprise")

And Sunday we went out for bloodies and lunch, followed with a Packers win!

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