Tina's Texas Weekend in Five-ish Photos 10/11 -10/13

Texas Ya'll!!

Friday 10/11 -

I few into Texas Friday morning. A friend from MN recently relocated to Texas with her family, so she was able to pick me up from the airport & I got to spend the afternoon with her! It was so fun to see her & she took me to In-N-Out so win win for Tina.

Then I met up with Raven at work. We ended up just having a girls night with her friend, Taylor. We baked, made popcorn, drank wine & watched Jennifer's Body because it's ICONIC.

Saturday 10/12 -

Saturday started with a trip to Six Flags over Texas with Raven & Taylor. Taylor has been going to Six Flags her whole life and has NEVER seen the park so packed. It was 100x worse than any time I've ever been to Disney World. We were there from around 1 till 5:30 and made it on 3 rides.

Lines on lines on lines.

We did get to go on Mr. Freeze though & I LOVE it! It's a roller coaster that shoots you out backwards, then it stalls out on this really high drop & then you do the ride forwards. So much fun!

Sunday 10/13 -


Sunday was our day in Austin for ACL. It kicked our butts.

It started great with a trip to Odd Duck for brunch! They had this squash queso with preztel sticks that I wanted to drink, it was that good. We also got bloodies, a breakfast chicken nacho & a croissant french toast.

Then we made our way to the festival! We saw Bea Miller first.

Then I got to see my crazy talented friend, Wrabel perform!

I randomly found Mike Faist hanging out in VIP & was so star struck, even though no one I was with knew who he was.

10 points to you if you are freaking out with me right now!!

If you don't know, he's a Tony nominated actor for Dear Evan Hanson & he'll be starring in Steven Spielberg's West Side story next December.

Here is a photo of us happy BEFORE we tried to go see Lizzo. They had her on one of the smaller stages. Her crowd was so massive it expanded over the beer tent/merch area AND all the way into the second main stage... horrible planning on ACL's part.

We were smashed in a crowd, stuck behind some insanely tall Australians & when the music started, we were so far back we couldn't even hear it. So we bailed, but it still took us like 5 minutes to find our way out of the mosh.

We left & headed back to Dallas.

I still love you ACL!

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