Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 10/11 - 10/13

Friday night I saw Lizzo at The Armory. As always, she was amazing!

Saturday was one of my college best friend's bachelorette party. We got almost the whole college crew together, which when half the people don't live in the same state anymore, it's very impressive. And needless to say, things got pretty wild. Here I am with the college crew. We all lived in a house together our senior year, just missing two of the roommates.

We started the day at a spa in Stillwater and then ran off to our hotel in St Paul for some games and drinks before we painted the town red.

I forewarned everyone that what happens at this bachelorette party, could end up on my blog. There was a blow-up man floating around the room and we took some very NSFW pics with him, but I have to keep some things to myself. I thought this photo was funny so I'm sharing this instead.

And here's a picture of myself and the Maid of Honor at the very end of the night. I was playing mom for the first half of the night taking care of some of the drunker girls. Our bachelorette only lasted until 11pm but in her defense, we are all pushers and were constantly shoving drinks in her face. Half the girls went back to the hotel with her and the rest of us rallied and took a few too many shots, hence my face in this picture.

I love bachelorette parties, but man am I happy they don't happen too often. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, minus the weather!

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