Jenny's Boo! Cruise Photos

Last night was Boo! Cruise and although I have fun at all of our events, this one might be one of my favorite's we've done. Lots of creative and amazing costumes and things got pretty wild towards the end of the night. Here are some pictures I was able to grab!

"Spiderman", also known as "Fatman", also known as Steve that couldn't fit into his costume

Some of my favorite costumes, Facebook Fights!

My personal favorite, the Kermit Meme!

I'm not even entirely sure what she was but it was terrifying

The winner of our costume contest, Life Alert

The winner of the Kris Lindahl contest

Things started to get weird towards the end of the night....

And one more because I managed to do my own makeup for this and I'm pretty happy of how it turned out :)

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