Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 10/4 - 10/6

First off, congratulations to everyone that ran the Twin Cities Marathon! Ever since doing a half, I have so much respect for runners and their ability to physically and mentally push through a marathon. And congrats to my Alma Mater, U of M Gophers on yet another win! And the Twins..... well hopefully you'll have some hometown luck Monday night.

Alright now to my weekend, I kicked it off by hosting the Mirror Ball Gala for myHealth. myHealth is a clinic in Hopkins that serves MN teens and young adults with medical and mental health. It was a wonderful event and I was so honored they asked me to host because I fully support the services they provide. Find out more info about them here!

Saturday I headed to my friends cabin in Cumberland, WI. We went to dinner at Adventures in Rice Lake, ran to the local Goodwill to find some things for our Halloween costumes, and then just chilled at the cabin playing Sequence. I forgot how much I liked that game!

I was up pretty early so I watched the sunrise. Watching the sun rise at a cabin, with the calm water, birds chirping, and zero city noise is pure serenity.

On our way back to The Cities, we swung by the cutest cheese shop called Comstock Creamery in Comstock, WI. It had the fancy cheese you spend like $10/block on at Whole Foods for only $2/block! This is a Wisconsin girl's dream!!!

I drove separate from my friends and realized as I was coming back I was really close to Willow River State Park. I was supposed to go there once with a girlfriend but she accidentally put Wild River State Park in the GPS so we never made it. I decided to take a detour because I've always wanted to see the Falls! It's a beautiful park. I had to get back home to work but if I had the whole day free I would have hiked all the trails.

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