Dave's Weekend if 5 Pictures: How I Made 88 Cents

Finally some sunshine on Sunday! It's amazing how that can lift your mood! Even though it was windy, I hope you got out to enjoy it!

Here's my weekend in five pictures!

Why is my dog Josie off a leash? You know how I'm a nazi for keeping dogs on a leash. Well, she's at the dog park in this pic. And she absolutely loved it. She was so happy!

Saturday afternoon, I was at the X for the Chainsmokers/5 Seconds of Summer pre-concert party. I met a ton of great people and here are just a couple! It's always fun to meet people who listen to our show because, as it turns out, if you listen, you and I both share the same humor and a lot of interests and opinions. Or else you wouldn't like listening!

Back in about 2000 or so, I did a voice part for the movie "Joe Somebody." If you ever see it, I'm on the radio while Tim Allen's character is getting ready the morning of the big fight. I still get checks for it all these years later, but they ain't much! This one came in the mail on Saturday.

Saturday night was super chill. I'm watching SNL in my slippers and Mr. Monopoly PJs with our cat, Roger.

Sunday afternoon I went flying. Remember how windy it was Sunday? I've flown for 25 years and this was the most challenging conditions I've ever flown in. The wind would gust and blow the plane sideways or lift or drop one wing. The faster the wind blows over the wing, the more the plane lifts, so if there was a gust, I flew UP like a carnival ride. If the gust settled suddenly, I dropped like a rock. I did three landings just for the challenge and I was done. On one takeoff I grabbed my phone and got this picture near the airport in Eden Prairie.

And that's it! Did you hear it's supposed to snow later this week? Yikes! It's too early! I hope you have a great week!

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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