Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 9/27 - 9/29

Photograph evidence that Jenny is a pusher

Friday 9/27 -

Friday was the Post Malone concert. Jenny & I both worked the pre-parties so we wanted to grab food & drinks after before the show. At dinner, Jenny was a pusher & made us take shots...

Below is a picture of her choaking me out. Forcing me to have fun.

The show was epic. I love Austin Richard Post so much. He is king.

Saturday 9/28 -

Saturday & Sunday looked very similar. I got sick right after Vegas & haven't had a chance to rest & feel better since I got back. I was watching my neighbors dogs this weekend, so I took the oportunity to just relax with them.

It's a scientific fact that puppy cuddles improve overall health by 700%.

Sunday 9/29 -

I binged both seasons of Fleabag. I didn't love it after the first season, but I'm pretty hooked after season 2. It was awesome. Then I watched the movie Late Night, which I really liked. Finally I wrapped it up with season 1 of The Politican on Netflix. Would recommend.

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