Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: I'm Basically a VSCO Girl, 'sksksksksksksksk"

It was a busy weekend for my family that started Friday at the Rogers Homecoming football game. Rogers beat Monticello 21-0, we went with friends and it was super busy with kids running all over the place during the game. Rogers played really well and it was fun to watch because the team was not as good last year.

If you've read my last few blog posts it may surprise you that Isaac had soccer on Saturday (next week is our last weekend of fall soccer). Olivia was tired on Saturday morning because she had a friend over on Friday night and were up until nearly midnight. While at Isaac's soccer game earlier in the day I met an actual VSCO girl and learned that they love to say, 'skskskskskskskskskssks' which is kind of like an annoying way of laughing. It was a super busy Saturday and this picture of Louie with Kristy was our one break.

Saturday night I went with my friend Kevin to see the Black Keys at Target Center and I'm a horrible person because we had AMAZING seats and I could care less about the show. I had agreed to go to the concert because it was my friends birthday and figured I'd probably end up liking it. Besides the two songs I knew, for me, the rest was forgettable.

I did use being at the concert as an opportunity to take what I learned earlier in the day about being a VSCO girl andput it to use. Here I am in the hallway at Target Center with a bottle of water and ice cream.

Final picture was taken on Sunday afternoon. Like a lot of people we love Halloween in our house and we're starting to get the house ready for the holiday! Here's a picture of our dining room as our house begins its transition.

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